Should I Get Traditional Braces? [QUIZ]

Tooth-Colored Fillings 1 at Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R

With all the options in modern orthodontics, knowing which treatment you should pursue can seem overwhelming.

That’s why you should come to Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R in Boca Raton, FL!

Our experienced orthodontists know exactly how to diagnose your alignment problems and issues with the position of your teeth. You’ll receive a complimentary consultation with someone from our team so we can find the right solution for your smile.

Today, you can take our brief quiz to see if traditional braces , one of our most popular options, might be the right treatment for you.

Call Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R at 561-327-6775 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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