Palatal Expanders Can Make Room For Your Child’s Teeth

One of the most common orthodontic problems we treat in our Boca Raton, FL and Coral Springs, FL orthodontist offices is crowding. If teeth are too crowded, it not only affects your smile’s appearance but also causes additional issues like:
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  • Making it more difficult to clean plaque from your teeth and gums, which leaves you more susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and other problems
  • Creating a bad bite, or malocclusion, which can cause chronic jaw pain

Fortunately, we can use an appliance called a palatal expander to create more room for your teeth. We usually use expanders for children under age 16. Adults who need to have their palate expanded typically require orthodontic surgery.

A careful examination of your child will help us determine whether he or she would benefit from a palatal expander. To schedule an exam, call Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R at (561) 327-6775.

Palatal Expander Fixes Multiple Orthodontic Issues

By creating room in the upper jaw for your child’s teeth to come in properly and avoid crowding, your child may avoid the need for extracting teeth. Palatal expanders solve other problems as well. They can:

  • Correct a crossbite, which occurs when upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth.
  • Improve breathing ability by opening up the nasal passages.
  • Improve facial symmetry and overall appearance

Technology Helps Us Identify Orthodontic Issues

As with any orthodontic treatment in our Boca Raton, FL or Coral Springs, FL orthodontist office, we’ll use the latest tools to help us determine if your child would benefit from a palatal expander. Our technology includes:

  • 3D imaging, which helps us identify orthodontic issues that may benefit from early intervention.
  • iTero® Intraoral Scanners, which allow us to obtain teeth impressions using noninvasive digital technology.

We recommend bringing in your child for an orthodontic exam no later than their 7th birthday as proposed by the American Association of Orthodontists. To schedule an appointment, call Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R at (561) 327-6775 or use our online form. We’re located in the Somerset Shoppes in Boca Raton, FL, and we have a convenient second location in Coral Springs, FL.

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