Protect Your Smile with a Custom Mouthguard

You invest plenty of time, effort, and money in traditional braces or other orthodontics treatment. So it only makes sense you’ll want to protect your teeth during sports and other athletic activities. A wild throw or misplaced elbow can do lots of damage to your teeth. The best way to prevent that kind of damage is with custom athletic mouthguards.

Our south Florida orthodontists at Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R can fit you or your family members for a mouthguard. To schedule a fitting, call our Boca Raton, FL or Coral Springs, FL orthodontist office at (561) 220-1861.

Custom Fit Is a Key Mouthguard Feature

Because our athletic mouthguards are made from more durable materials than the “boil-and-bite” mouthguards you can purchase from retail stores, they better withstand abuse. In addition, the customization makes a big difference. Here’s why:

  • Customized fit. We take impressions of your teeth and other measurements so you enjoy a perfect, custom fit. No off-the-shelf mouthguard will fit you as well. A mouthguard with a poor fit can make it tough to speak or even to breathe.
  • Customized protection. Different sports require different degrees of padding or require different parts of the mouth to be covered. Dr. Peter Wohlgemuth or Dr. Ira Rothstein will ensure your athletes get the right features for their sport. We can also customize your mouthguard so it feels comfortable and protects you while wearing your braces or other orthodontic devices.
  • Customized appearance. You can show team pride with a mouthpiece in custom colors and graphics, including logos.

We Use Advanced Technology to Ensure Your Care

Technology is at the forefront of our practice. It helps us:

  • Better diagnose complex cases
  • Better communicate with you
  • Customize your orthodontics treatment
  • Improve your overall experience

For example, we may use digital imaging and digital tooth impressions to collect specifications for your athletic mouthguard. This helps ensure a precise fit.

Dr. Wohlgemuth and Dr. Rothstein have spent hours for continuing education at the Pinnacle Study Club, and members of professional organizations like American Association of Orthodontists, Florida Association of Orthodontists and American Dental Association.

To learn more about athletic mouthguards, call our Boca Raton, FL or Coral Springs, FL orthodontist office at 561-327-6775. Or you can contact us through our convenient online form. The south Florida communities we serve, in addition to Boca Raton and Coral Springs, include Parkland, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach.

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