5 Reasons Summer Is The Right Time For Adult Orthodontics [BLOG]

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5 Reasons Summer Is The Right Time For Adult Orthodontics

Your social calendar is just about full, and summer hasn’t even officially begun!

That’s because it’s the season that pulls family and friends together for all sorts of reasons.

So here are five of them that prove it’s the right time for adults to get the orthodontic treatment they need for a great smile!

#1 – You Or Someone You Know Is Getting Married!

Summer is probably the busiest time of the year for weddings.

So whether it’s your own, your child’s, or one for an extended family member or friend, there’s no time that’s captured in photos and videos quite like a wedding.

You want to be able to take it all in and savor every special moment, which is impossible to do if all you can think about is keeping your mouth closed as much as possible so people can’t see your teeth.

#2 – You’ll Go To Pool Parties & Neighborhood Cookouts!

This time of year, a party can be thrown together at a moment’s notice.

Maybe you have an impromptu pool party or your neighbor host’s a barbecue for everyone. You may also find yourself attending baby showers or graduation parties during the summer.

You can fully enjoy yourself and relax knowing your smile looks great!

#3 – There’s A Family Or Class Reunion Coming Up!

Since many people tend to arrange their paid vacation time around the summer season, it’s usually a popular time for family and class reunions. When you catch up with distant relatives and old friends from your school days, you don’t want them to walk away making judgments about the state of your smile.

You also will want to look great for photos in the age of social media when everyone shares their pictures online for all the world to see!

#4 – You Want To Impress Others At The Company Picnic!

Studies show that a healthy-looking, attractive smile can help you win the positive attention of others, and this is especially true in the professional world.

Straight, white teeth send a message that you’re capable and that you take good care of yourself. So, at your annual company picnic, you could start using your fantastic new smile to your professional advantage!

You never know when the next promotion will pop up, and you want your smile to send the right messages about you!

#5 – You Want To Look Good For Your Vacation Photos!

Many kids are out of school for longer stretches during the summer months, which means it’s a heavy season for tourism.

You may have a family vacation planned, and you’ll want to look back at all the pictures you take feeling proud of the way your smile looks.

Can that happen if you have crooked teeth and a smile full of gaps?

Here’s Why Adults Need Orthodontics, Too!

If you had braces when you were young, you might be wondering why you find yourself back where you started.

Because your teeth will never completely stop moving, even as an adult.

Years and years of pressure from tearing, chewing, drinking, or teeth grinding can all contribute to the changes in the position of your teeth.

That’s why adults need orthodontics, too!

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We’re fortunate that the Florida sun shines bright year round, but there’s something about summer that brings certain things to light.

It’s that you want to feel good about your smile so you can enjoy casual and formal events we often enjoy during this particular time of year.

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