Are Adults Too Old For Orthodontics? [FAQ]

FAQ: Are Adults Too Old For Orthodontics?

Happy Valentine’s Day, from our team in Boca Raton, FL!

We hope the season of love is being kind to you.

In the frenzy of cupids and candy hearts, you may have spent at least some time focused on your appearance this month, perhaps getting ready for a special Valentine’s Day date.

If you’re an adult who’s ever felt self-conscious about crooked teeth or gaps in your smile, maybe this was just another bitter reminder that the chance for braces has passed you by.

But our orthodontic team at Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R has good news for you!

Straightening your teeth has never been easier thanks to advances in modern orthodontic treatment.

In our Boca Raton, FL orthodontist office, we specialize in all sorts of teeth straightening methods and alignment correction that work for adolescents and adults alike.

Invisalign and Clear Ceramic Braces are two examples of orthodontic treatments that appeal to adults, in particular.

Neither require you to sacrifice your appearance or to risk compromising your professional merit by making you look like a teenager.

But this only scratches the surface of your orthodontic options in our Boca Raton office!

Find out which of our options is right for you! Call Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R at 561-327-6775 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule a complimentary consultation.