Invisalign Is A Great Choice For Reluctant Teens! [BLOG]

It’s so hard to watch your child go through the difficult teen years for a number of reasons, let alone when they have crooked or gapped teeth that they hate. You have to listen helplessly when they fret about their appearance and feel self-conscious about what their peers think of them.

You try to encourage them, and even offer to take them to an orthodontist, but teens can be pretty stubborn. They think they know more than you do, so it can be pretty tough to convince them to get orthodontic treatment if they’re reluctant about wearing metal braces for the next couple of years.

If they want straight teeth without braces, you can tell them about Invisalign, an alternative treatment that uses removable clear aligners instead of brackets and wires to move teeth into the right position in only a fraction of the time!

Tell Your Teen About The Benefits of Invisalign!

Here are a couple more advantages of Invisalign you can use to help your teen understand that metal braces aren’t the only orthodontic option they have to settle for:

*Minimal Lifestyle Disruptions*

Through the difficult teenage years, your child already faces a few challenging years of constant change, from learning how to become more responsible and independent, to navigating the choppy waters of an ever emotionally trying social life.

Throwing more changes at them with orthodontic treatment, such as modifications to their oral hygiene routine, daily diet, and appearance, can make things even more complicated for them.

Invisalign causes minimal disruption to their lifestyle since you can take them out to brush, floss, and eat. And as we’ve already mentioned, the aligners are clear and hard to notice, which means your child won’t have to agonize over their appearance any more than they likely already do at this age.

*Built-In Features Make Treatment Easy*

Kids and teenagers can be forgetful or rebellious when it comes to doing what parents or other authority figures tell them to do. Because of that, younger patients have a hard time complying with any sort of dental or orthodontic treatment without a little help.

That’s another built-in feature of Invisalign that makes it so easy for teens!

There’s a colored dot on each set of aligners that will disappear if they’re being worn correctly and for the proper amount of time. It’s a great way to create more accountability for your teen so they are motivated to adhere to our orthodontist’s instructions, which makes Invisalign an easy, drama-free choice for teens and for parents!

Give Your Teen A Smile They Will Love!

There’s nothing for your teen to lose by coming to Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R for an Invisalign consultation, except for the crooked teeth they hate! Once they understand how clear aligners work and whether it’s the right kind of treatment for them, they can soon have a straight, beautiful smile they’ll love!

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