Do You Need Treatment for a TMJ Disorder? [QUIZ]

You may never have heard of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which connect your lower jaw to your skull. But a TMJ disorder (TMD) may be the cause of your chronic sore jaw, earaches, headaches, and muscle pain.

Though the causes of a TMJ disorder can vary, studies show that misaligned bites, uneven tooth surfaces, and jaw problems can all play a role. Thanks to their expertise and training, our Boca Raton, FL orthodontists are well-equipped to provide treatment for a TMJ disorder. Our own Dr. Peter Wohlgemuth even published research titled “Orthodontic Treatment and How it Relates to TMJ” in the American Journal of Orthodontics.

Our treatment for a TMJ disorder typically includes a custom mouthguard and/or massage therapy to help end your pain.

How do you know if you have a TMJ disorder? The best way to find out is an in-depth screening with our orthodontists. In the meantime, you can take this quiz. If it indicates you may have TMD, call Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R at 561-327-6775 to schedule an exam.