Start Orthodontics Early For Your Child’s Smile [BLOG]


If you’re at the point where it seems like you’re ready to resign as your child’s Tooth Fairy, it may be time to bring them to Smiles by Dr. W & R in Boca Raton, FL for their first orthodontic appointment.

Once adult teeth come in, there are ways we can set your child up for dental success and prevent complications with their jaw alignment and teeth position through this important phase of development.

Our options in braces and expanders can make their future orthodontic process much easier them and more affordable for you!

Today, we’re taking a look at when you should start them down the orthodontic treatment path and why bringing them in early is the best approach for their future smile!

Start Your Child’s Orthodontic Process Early

Dr. Wohlgemuth and Dr. Rothstein suggest that parents bring in their kids for orthodontic evaluation around the age of 7 because that’s typically when we’re able to assess their development and growth pattern.

By this age, their permanent molars and incisors are in and we can get a sense of any early complications that might be facing. It allows us to step in early enough and take preventive measures, if we need to, to optimize their teeth and bite development.

If your child isn’t quite at that age yet, but you suspect your child might already be showing signs of potential problems, feel free to contact us. We’ll help you decide if it’s best to see them sooner.

Each Child’s Orthodontic Needs Are Different

Since every patient’s needs are different, we aim to give parents as many options as possible in orthodontic solutions. We want your experience with us to be a positive one, for you and your child!

Yes, parents are the decision-makers. Once we know and can discuss with you your child’s particular bite or teeth issues and possible solutions, you get to decide the course of action we take.

But to help you choose the method that you think your child would be most comfortable with, here’s a short list of options you may have when coming to us for their first visit to our Boca Raton, FL dental office.

*Brackets & Wires*

We’re all familiar with traditional metal braces. They’ve been around for a long time and are still very popular amongst younger patients.

That’s because they work!

Braces have certainly evolved over the years as modern advances in technology and treatment methods and materials have improved. So getting braces these days is better than it used to be.

But what if your child doesn’t want to have a mouth full of metal?

If appearance is an important factor in choosing the right orthodontic treatment for your child, we can explore ceramic clear braces as an alternative.

We’re able to match the brackets and wires to the rest of their teeth so that they won’t draw attention to their braces and feel self-conscious all through middle or high school.

Ceramic braces work just as well to move teeth into the right position for a beautiful smile.

*Clear Aligners*

One of the innovations that have really changed the course of orthodontics is the concept of aligner therapy.

We offer Invisalign, which is probably the most popular method of moving teeth into the right position.

With this option, your child can avoid the embarrassment of wearing metal braces if it makes them too self-conscious. Invisalign, as the name hints, is almost invisible so people don’t notice it.

There’s an added benefit with aligners in that you can take them out to eat and to brush and floss each day, which saves time and makes life easier. You don’t have to cut certain foods out of your diet that would otherwise get stuck to your braces or damage them.

Ask about Invisalign during your consultation to learn more about this discreet, comfortable, and fast option for your child.

*Preventive Measures*

While it’d be wonderful if we could prevent crooked teeth or alignment problems, that’s just not how life works.

But we can take early steps to encourage an easier process down the road should your child need braces or other treatments.

A palatal expander, for example, can help manipulate how their upper jaw and the roof of their mouth develops. It’s one way we can possibly reduce, or even in some cases, eliminate, the need for orthodontics later. The resulting advantages would be more complicated treatment, more trips to the office, and more costs.

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Our mission at Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R begins with a commitment to modern, effective solutions in correcting position of teeth and alignment issues for a better smile and better life.

But just as important to us is creating a positive experience for our patients, and for you, the parent. We know what a big investment your child’s treatment is, so we try to do everything we can to help you avoid a stressful stretch of shuffling your schedule and finances to improve his or her smile.

We want to make the experience as easy and pleasant for you as possible and will work with you to make that happen!

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