2 Faster, More Discreet Solutions To Crooked Teeth [BLOG]

You didn’t have the chance to straighten your teeth back when you were in middle or high school when all your friends did. Your parents just couldn’t afford it.

Or maybe you did have braces way back when, but since then, your teeth have shifted out of position and you’re ashamed of your smile all over again.

We meet adult patients almost daily at Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R who face this dilemma and want to know what their options are.

More specifically, they’re established in their careers and worry about wearing metal braces, and they’ve waited long enough to have the smile they want.

Today, we’re highlighting two popular choices among our adult patients here in Boca Raton, FL!

2 Faster, More Discreet Solutions To Crooked Teeth

Although we have so many different ways to solve bite problems and cosmetic issues with your teeth, some can give you the results you want in less time and less conspicuously than others.

Here are two of them!

*Discreet Treatment With Lingual Braces*

What if you could wear braces that remained completely hidden until it was time to remove them?

Sounds too good to be true, but fortunately, it isn’t.

Lingual braces are placed on the inside of your teeth so no one will suspect you’re wearing them at all. All anyone will notice is that your teeth just keep looking better and better!

Just like regular braces, lingual braces correct:

*Overcrowding and overlapping


*Gaps between teeth

*Open bites & more!

This is the least noticeable way to straighten crooked teeth so you don’t have to make any sacrifices to your appearance for the extent of your treatment.

*Faster Treatment With Invisalign*

If you don’t have any major bite alignment issues, you might consider Invisalign to get your teeth lined up correctly. This treatment uses a series of clear, removable aligners that move your teeth into the right position as you switch from tray to tray.

Smooth plastic aligners make this a very comfortable orthodontic option, not to mention you can barely see them! Imagine all the awkward conversations around the water cooler you can avoid about why you waited so long to fix your teeth, why your parents didn’t let you get braces back in school, and all the rest!

It’s really no one’s business that you’re on an orthodontic treatment plan unless you tell them, and with Invisalign, you’re the one who gets to decide!

It’s important to look experienced and competent, especially in the workplace, if you want to be taken seriously. So it’s nice that Invisalign won’t force you to go backwards after all the years you’ve been working hard to earn respect and a higher status among colleagues.

Perhaps the best perk with Invisalign is that it’s faster than standard braces. How much faster?

Most patients finish treatment within about a year, even less in some cases!

*They Come With Other Advantages, Too*

Obviously, faster, more discreet orthodontic treatment is an advantage all its own.

But the benefits don’t stop there!

Here are two more advantages to straightening your crooked teeth:

You’ll Look More Attractive!

Naturally, straight teeth look more appealing and attractive. This will give you a big boost in confidence, which you can use to pursue new job opportunities, promotions, or even romantic relationships. You can finally have a smile you love and feel compelled to show it off instead of hide it!

Keeping Your Teeth In The Right Position Is Better For Oral Health!

When your teeth are in the right position, it’s easier to keep them clean. No more overlapping, overcrowding, or wearing down of your teeth! All those issues create are more hiding places for bacteria fester and plaque to build up and harden.

When your bite alignment is off, you also have the risk of wearing down your teeth or damaging your enamel which, again, can provide an entrance for harmful bacteria.

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Therefore, it matters to us!

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