Helping Your Teen Through Orthodontic Treatment [BLOG]

Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R are the trusted source for orthodontic treatment in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding area.

So we’ve seen our share of parents struggling to help their teens get through the potentially awkward stage of wearing braces.

Thanks to our advanced technology and extensively-trained staff, we’re able to give you all sorts of options for straightening teeth. We’ll help you and your teen find the one that’s most suitable for them, which helps tremendously in easing their minds about treatment.

Along with that, we’re giving you some tips in today’s blog!

Here are a few ways that you, as the parent, can help your teen through their orthodontic treatment!

*Helping Them Understand The Value Of A Great Smile*

It’s not easy for everyone to accept that they have to wear braces, but you can help them understand the value of a great smile.

Go over some of the benefits of braces and having straight teeth. Talk about how braces can:

*Improve their appearance

*Boost their self-confidence

*Better their oral health

*Allow them to make great first impressions

*Help them in scholarship and job interviews

The list is endless, and as long as you help your teen understand the benefits of braces, they’ll be more receptive to exploring their treatment options and look forward to a better smile.

*Helping Them Adapt To A New Oral Hygiene Routine*

They don’t have to change things up too much, but obviously, brushing and flossing become more challenging with brackets and wires.

Your teen should understand the importance of daily vigilance when it comes to cleaning their teeth and gums.

Also, make sure they’re using the right tools to thread their dental floss behind the wires so they can be as thorough as possible.

You’ll also want to try and keep restricted foods out of sight so they’re less tempted to eat things that can hurt their braces.

Snacks and candy are especially tricky because of added sugars, as well as hard, sticky textures that can damage their brackets.

*Helping Them Deal With Insecurities*

It’s natural for anyone to feel self-conscious about wearing braces.

This is especially true for teenagers who will likely face more teasing than older patients. Dealing with it is something you and your child can handle by keeping the lines of communication open so they feel comfortable using you as a sounding board.

Sometimes, it’s enough for them to just vent their feelings and frustrations and hear a few encouraging words from a parent to help them move past it.

You might remind them that they won’t have to wear braces forever, and that soon enough, they’ll have a smile the teasers and bullies will wish they had!

Encourage them to ignore people who tease them, and instead, hold fast to the kind of friends who truly care about them and support them no matter what.

It’s tough, but you and your teen can take comfort knowing it will all be worth it in the end!

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