Lingual Braces Are Another Path To Straight Teeth

You are really tired of having crooked teeth. As an adult, you want to do something about it. You are in a position where you can do something about it.

It’s just … you don’t necessarily want everyone you meet to know that you are going through orthodontic care.

We’ve heard this from several of our patients who have jobs that require a lot of face-to-face interaction with clients and customers. That’s why we want you to know that you don’t have to get traditional braces to straighten your smile.

At Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R in Coral Springs and Boca Raton, FL, you have the option of lingual braces. These are a discreet yet effective way to correct the alignment of your teeth. This way you can make the changes you want to make without calling attention to your treatment.

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On The Back Side

Lingual means “relating to, near, or on the side of the tongue.” So, these braces are placed on the backs of your teeth.

But what can they do? Well, they can do pretty much anything any other braces can do.

They can fix crowded or protruding teeth. They can close gaps in your smile. They can fix open bites and crossbites, too.

Many people who are interested in lingual braces also ask about Invisalign®. This can be an effective option for some people seeking a less noticeable orthodontic option, it won’t work for everyone. That’s particularly true for people who feel they may be tempted to leave their aligners out longer than they should.

With lingual braces, you get the 24-hour benefits of braces with the advantage of being discreet.

Treatment You Can Trust

There are many orthodontic offices you can visit, but many of them do not offer lingual braces as an open. We do offer them at Smiles by Dr. W and Dr. R because we want to offer every tool that we can to help you. The more options you have, the more likely you are to find the right treatment to create your healthier and straighter smile.

As part of this, we also have invested in advanced technology to make your treatment as effective as it can be. Digital impressions and 3-D imaging help with that process.

We also use suresmile® technology, which reduces the total time it takes to complete your treatment. This involves robots bending wires more precisely than humans ever could so that the archwire of your braces works as effectively as it can. To date, we have used this technology to help more than 10,000 patients, are we look forward to helping thousands more.

Will you be the be next one?

Decide To Make A Change

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