Start Orthodontics During Summer While Your Child Is Out Of School! [BLOG]

Summer is an ideal time to start your child’s orthodontic treatment!

Your schedule a bit more flexible when they’re off from school, which means there’s more room for those longer initial appointments to get started, and you and your child will both have time to adjust to life with braces, no matter what kind, before they begin a hectic new school year!

But those aren’t the only advantages of visiting Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R this summer to give your child a straight, healthy smile!

2 Ways We Make Orthodontics Easier For Your Child!

Here are two ways we can make your child’s orthodontic experience easier in Boca Raton:

*Invisalign & Lingual Braces Give Them More Confidence*

Not every child needs to go through the traditional orthodontic journey with metal brackets and wires to achieve their smile goals.

We offer options that are just as effective in straightening crooked teeth and correcting bite alignment problems in ways that are much less conspicuous.

The first is Invisalign, which uses customized, clear aligners that fit over their upper and lower teeth. You can barely see them, which helps young patients feel more confident when they’re at school among friends and classmates. There’s the added advantage of being able to take their Invisalign trays out during lunch so they don’t have to rush off to the restroom afterwards to pick food out of their braces!

Another great option is lingual braces, which still use brackets and wires, only they’re bonded to the back of each tooth so you can’t see anything at all!

During a consultation, Dr. Rothstein or Dr. Wohlgemuth can determine which of our orthodontic methods will be better suited to your child’s bite and teeth position, but it’s nice to know that there are options that will help them feel more confident throughout their treatment.

*See Faster Results With Technology Like suresmile®*

One of the innovations we’re most proud of in Boca Raton is suresmile® software.

We’re able to rely on the experience and skill of our expert orthodontists, but combining that with suresmile technology takes your child’s orthodontic experience to the next level.

It’s a 3-D software that helps us plan and carry out their treatment with more precision and accuracy, which could result in as much as 33% faster results than conventional methods.

To be clear, we provide all the latest tools and techniques in modern orthodontics to make sure your child’s treatment is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, but we all know that kids are in a big hurry to finish up and start showing off their straight, beautiful teeth as soon as possible.

We don’t blame them, which is why we’ve invested in suresmile technology, and several other innovations, to help them see results as quickly as possible.

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Take advantage of your child’s time off from school this summer to begin their orthodontic journey toward a straight, healthier smile!

We offer a wide range of treatment options so you can find the one that suits your child best.

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