Love Your Smile At Any Age With Orthodontics [BLOG]

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, your smile is important at every age and stage of your life!

You should look great and feel confident no matter what. Normally, you’ll find teens and tweens are a more suited age for traditional braces because so many of their peers are going through the same treatment. It’s less awkward when you’re not the only one who stands out, especially at that pivotal age.

Adults are often looking for alternatives, and at Smiles by Dr. W & Dr. R in Boca Raton, FL, we deliver! There are multiple ways to achieve your dream smile with our modern treatment options!

Not only can you reap the cosmetic benefits of straight teeth, but you can also do your mouth and body a favor by finally addressing problems with your bite alignment, overcrowding, and other orthodontic concerns that affect your the state of your oral health.

3 Orthodontic Options For The Mature Smile

Maybe you’re financially able to pursue orthodontics, but socially, you’re not sure you want to deal with what braces will do to your appearance.

Or you already went through the whole braces experience as a kid and didn’t wear your retainer once the braces came off. Now, your teeth are almost as crooked as they once were and you’re back to square one.

Here are three alternatives to metal braces for the more mature smiles out there!


Rather than brackets and wires, Invisalign will straighten your teeth by way of clear aligners. Almost undetectable, you’re more likely to inconspicuously get your dream smile. The smooth plastic is comfortable, and you can finish treatment in roughly a year!

*Clear Ceramic Braces*

If your bite and teeth position require brackets and wires, don’t sweat it!

You can choose clear ceramic braces that will be matched to your teeth so their color blends in easily for a more discreet method than dark metal.

You also wouldn’t have to worry about the ceramic material looking dingy and more noticeable over the course of treatment because it’s resistant to stains.

*Lingual Braces*

Most inconspicuous of all orthodontics adults love are lingual braces. It’s all possible because the brackets and wires are attached to the back of your teeth completely out of sight! You can even cut treatment time by as much as a third when we apply suresmile® technology to your treatment plan.

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You shouldn’t set limits on yourself when it comes to being healthy and happy. Fortunately, modern methods for straightening teeth and correcting bite problems mean you don’t have to tell yourself you’re too old to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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